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Centrefield announces Inaugural Publication of Sports Law

Monday 26th November 2018

Centrefield is proud to announce the inaugural publication of Sports Law from Getting the Deal Through along with lead co-editors Laffer Abagados of Spain. Together the firms have led the development and structure of this new publication, which brings together industry insight from many of the world’s leading sports lawyers.


Getting The Deal Through is is the original Q&A reference source of comparative law and regulation, providing international expert analysis in key areas of law covering 130 countries across 90 practice areas and industry sectors with a global coverage. The Sports Law publication is the first sports-specific industry guide within the Getting the Deal Through series and includes know-how from industry experts across 13 jurisdictions throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America, as well as an analysis of the Court of Arbitration for Sport – currently the primary forum for resolving sporting disputes globally.

Unlike many areas of law, which can often be distinct and self-contained, sports law incorporates various laws and regulations imposed by both governments and national and international governing bodies across different sports. The Sports Law publication recognises and reflects this breadth, addressing a range of industry topics including regulatory and governance matters, commercial and brand management issues, employment and immigration, and sports unions.


For industry participants, whether acting for a sports team, governing body, athlete, intermediary or commercial entity operating in the sector, it is important to recognise that the regulatory and legal issues faced by companies and individuals within the sector are often highly complex. This publication provides a practical and commercial approach to assist industry participants in understanding the sector and the key legal issues they can be faced with on a daily basis. Ultimately, working in any industry requires context and we consider that this publication provides that context through a succinct overview of the key legal issues in sport.


For further information on the Sports Law publication or to discuss the range of services we can offer, you can contact the firm by Email or by phone on 0161 672 5450.