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FFAR/NFAR – Toolkit and Update

Friday 12th January 2024

After the developments over the festive period/new year in relation to the implementation of the FIFA Football Agent Regulations (and associated National Football Agent Regulations) and the uncertainty that has ensued, the Centrefield Toolkit remains available to club, agent and player clients, in order to provide some clarity and advice on the position for the January window and beyond.

FIFA issued Circular 1878 on 30 December in respect of the suspension of certain provisions of the FFAR, the contents of which, in turn, were implemented by The FA on 31 December via a “greyed out” version of the FA FAR highlighting those provisions subject to suspension – the suspended provisions are, in the main, those relating to limitations/restrictions on what/how fees can be charged. However the suspension is not a wholesale “stop” on the FFAR and/or the FA FAR – the provisions not expressly subject to the suspension remain applicable and will be enforced, and the new licensing regime (including the need to be a licensed FIFA Football Agent and to also register with The FA and, where relevant, to hold the additional FIFA/FA minors authorisation) does remain, which will have some impact on transactions going forward. 

Should you therefore need any clarity as to what is/is not being implemented and the associated consequences (including in relation to the licensing regime, scope of the new regulations, what/how fees can be charged, minors and enforcement), or advice on specific transactions, standard documentation and/or internal policies, please contact Oli Sadler ( and Tom Simpson (