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MetaLantis formed partnership with the Argentinian Football Association (AFA) to develop the official virtual stadium of AFA

Wednesday 14th December 2022

As Lionel Messi and team advance in the world’s biggest football tournament in Qatar, Centrefield is delighted to have advised its US based client MetaLantis on its partnership with the Argentinian Football Association (AFA) in respect of the development of the official virtual stadium of AFA.

This project sees MetaLantis, using cutting-edge technology, develop the official virtual stadium of the AFA which is a ground breaking venue that provides unique and immersive interactive experiences for fans across the globe to get together, make friends, play games, attend exclusive events and support Argentina in an exciting new way. The official virtual stadium is accessible by all fans via an app. Further details can be found at

On the virtual stadium project, Maggie Fang, CEO of MetaLantis, said:

“This year’s significant football event is a rare opportunity for technology to reshape fan culture and enhance fans’ interactive experience. As one of the most popular national teams in the world, Argentina has a huge global fan base. The official virtual stadium of the national team, serving as a home base of fans, has great potential in engaging and enriching the experience of this global fan community. To forge this important partnership with AFA under time pressure, we required legal counsel with the right industry experience and a strong dedication to clients … and as always, Centrefield excelled! Their legal advice has always been comprehensive yet practical and they made themselves available and provided timely assistance in order to complete the tasks on time. We are very thankful to their strong dedication and high quality of work!”

This exciting project builds on Centrefield’s significant experience of advising on emerging digital offerings and their exploitation. Should you require any assistance in this regard (or on other commercial matters), please contact David Bentham (Partner, or Oliver Sadler (Legal Director,



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