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Is your business ready for the changes taking effect on 6 April 2020?

Tuesday 31st March 2020

From 6 April 2020, information which must be given to employees and workers is changing (following the publication of the Good Work Plan in December 2018).

#What is the current position? Currently all employees are entitled by law to a written statement of particulars of their employment (often called a ‘section 1 statement’) within two months of starting work. In most cases this is contained in an employee’s contract of employment.

#What are the changes taking effect on 6 April 2020?

  1. #Extension to workers – the right to receive a written statement of particulars will apply to workers and not just employees;
  2. #Day one right – contracts will have to be given to employees / workers on or before their first day of work. There are, however, some details that can be provided within the first two months including information on pensions, training entitlement, disciplinary and grievance procedures and collective agreements. Before 6 April 2020, a contract only had to be provided to an employee within two months of starting employment;
  3. #Additional information – companies already have to give certain information in a written statement of particulars. However, from 6 April 2020, the following additional information must be given to employees and workers:
  • The days of the week the employee / worker is required to work and whether working hours or days may be varied and details of how they may vary;
  • Any entitlement to paid leave including, but not limited to, maternity and paternity leave and adoption leave;
  • Any other benefits or remuneration offered by the company;
  • Any probationary period (including any conditions and its duration);
  • What training entitlement is required to be undertaken by the employee / worker or otherwise on offer to them and who will pay for the training;

#Current employees / workers – these changes are not retrospective. So existing contracts will not need to be replaced or amended. However, current employee / workers will be entitled to request an updated contract and companies will be obliged to provide an updated contract;

#Next steps – businesses should ensure that their template contracts for employees and workers are updated to take into account these changes effective from 6 April 2020. HR systems should also be updated to ensure that all employees and workers receive the information or before they start work.

If you would like more information on any of the points raised above or any advice in connection with the same, please contact Helen Littlewood (Associate) – – or call 0161 672 5450.

Please note the information contained in this briefing is intended as a general review of the subject featured and is not intended as specific legal advice.